Adult Counselling

Integrative counselling is flexible and focuses on the whole of an individual. The integration of different approaches means that sessions can be tailored to meet a variety of needs and concerns. It can be particularly beneficial for those who want to overcome negative patterns of behaviour caused by anxieties, fears, phobias or any other mental health issue that is greatly impacting life satisfaction (i.e. depression, past and current trauma, bereavement and low self-esteem).

Integrative Counselling and Coaching integrates various counselling approaches and coaching. Broadly speaking, counselling concerns itself with the resolution of internal conflicts and psychological changes while coaching deals more with goal achievement and behavioural changes that can be measured and perceived. Although there is some overlap between these two approaches, they are not interchangeable. However, they can be complementary.




Career Guidance and Life Coaching: Student and Adult

Anyone from students, the unemployed and currently employed, and those wish to change direction in their lives can benefit from Career and Life Coaching. It is one of the most effective means to create life changing decisions, and then to nurture those decisions into a positive life-experience, by ensuring that the changes occur in the most efficient way possible. I can assist in the following areas:

Career Guidance

I work with students of 16 years and upwards and adults of all ages, backgrounds, experiences and qualifications. Career Guidance is useful for students as they are often unsure what subjects, courses or future employment options are best for them. I work with adults who may be fed up, dissatisfied, frustrated or unfulfilled with their current career and wish to know what alternative options would be right for them. Through a person-centred counselling approach, and using various assessment tools I can help you gain a clear understanding of what is important to you. Important so that you don’t spend time pursuing studies that are unsuitable, or doing something that isn’t right for you, and potentially affecting your long-term happiness.

Create a CV

Working with me you will develop a professional customised CV that is a true reflection of you, while tailored to meet the requirements of the wider job market or a specific vacancy you are applying for.

Interview Preparation

A prospective employer wants to explore further with you? Can you do the job? Will you ‘fit’ in the organisation? Have you potential to grow with the organisation? The interview is the opportunity for you have to make an impression, to stand out. Whether you are in the position of having an interview scheduled or you would like to refresh your interview skills in anticipation of an upcoming interview, I will work with you to ensure you present a confident and effective portrayal of what your unique offering is to your perspective future employer.

Delivery of Career and Mental Health and Wellbeing Training

I am happy to discuss any opportunities to deliver training in these areas.